Chapter 10

Just when I thought that all hope was lost, fate stepped in, in a very weird way!

As I have already mentioned, every cancer is unique and correspondingly so is the treatment regime. And due to me requesting alternative solutions to the ‘smash and grab’ attempt on my arse that had been initially recommended, I had been sent details of my personal Chemo and Radiography timetable from Dr.Lunnis et al. This was, however, all about to change because that’s the way of things. “He who dares Rodney,” to quote Dell Boy.

Let me explain. A couple of days after the BBQ my mum had a visitor at her work. Mum worked at a Further Education College called Burton Manor and an old friend of hers named Penny Moon popped in. It was the first time in nearly a year that they had met and obviously had quite a bit of catching up to do, and my situation was brought up. Penny had known my mum for years, and had met me before when I was about sixteen. Penny had worked as an educational psychologist back then, and had an interest in astrology (as you do) and had been asked to speak with me when I was younger. Apparently I had a problem with school. I prefer to think that it had a problem with me – anyway I digress. Now, out of the blue she turned up at my mum’s work. When my mum rang me she was very excited. Penny apparently had a good friend who was an Oncologist. He was based at the Clatterbridge Centre of Oncology on the Wirral and worked with a surgeon at the Royal Liverpool Hospitals Linda McCartney Centre.

On top of this spooky bit of coincidence the oncologist and the surgeon he worked with specialised in, wait for it, colonic and rectal cancers! No Way? – Way! There is more! Not only had Penny Moon just popped in out of the blue. Ignore the coincidence of her knowing an oncologist who happens to work twenty miles from my parents’ house in Chester and try to see past the fact that both he and his surgical partner specialise in the exact area that I was afflicted by. Note instead that he was also the only person in the country who used a special form of radiology that is applied directly to the tumour, which could enable the surgeon to try an alternative procedure, which would negate the need to remove my arse. I was stunned, then she told me his name, Sun Myint, and the first thought that went through my mind was, yeah right! Some old friend called Moon, who thought it would be useful to do a full Astrology Chart reading for me when I was sixteen and having trouble at school, recommends some guy called Sunny, who just happens to be the only person in the whole of the UK to do this treatment! Shame she wasn’t called Cher I told my mum over the phone.

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